By Gian Luca Masciangelo, Founder of NEXTLEVEL Srl

U-CHARGE. The International Pricing Standards.


Thanks for revealing insider secrets to the rest of us –
my company truly profited from your knowledge.”
Mary Fawcett, Managing Director

“Thanks for this invaluable information. It really helped me evaluate my time and efforts.
I can confidently produce an estimate now.”
Andy Carter, Freelance Graphic Designer

“This book gave me an understanding of the value of creative work from a new perspective.
I now realize how much effort it takes to do a good job
and I understand the “hidden” parts of the billing process.”
Sheela White, Account Manager

“Great advice, very useful. it’s very difficult to find reliable information
of pricing and billing for the creative industry,
and this book tells you how to do it and why.
Everyone in our field should know how to work out prices easily.”
Chris Edwards, Graphic Designer

“This is the only resource you need on how to develop
a pricing strategy for your creative services. I wish I’d read this long ago.
I will strongly recommend that my colleagues implement
your valuable tips when promoting their businesses.”
Michael Ferrara, Managing Director

“Love this book! It made my life easier. No frills, straight to the point

and with a valuable list of examples that you can apply directly to the fine art of pricing.
It’s great to meet a colleague that doesn’t keep all his tricks up his sleeve.
Thanks for sharing all this.”
Amrit Neela, Art Director

“This book helped me a lot in my day-to-day job,
as it provides an easy way to calculate the costs of creative work.
It’s not just of benefit to those who create –
it also gives a clear view to those behind the scenes,
and the clients themselves. Nice work.”
Marzia Policelli, Human Resources

“Well done, a lot of information in a little space. This book is truly time and cost effective.
I like the multidisciplinary approach – there’s a lot of interesting information
on different design and creative services. I think I’ll be referring to U-Charge quite often!”
James Davies, Creative Director

U-CHARGE. Available online for immediate download.

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